Scarlet made two studio albums and released seven singles. Since most of the singles come in pairs and I have promos to catalogue also, this page will be devoted to albums and promos and there is a link to the singles at the bottom of the page.


  • Naked by Scarlet, front cover
  • Naked by Scarlet, back inlay
  • Naked by Scarlet, disc


Released in 1995 on WEA (Warner Electra Atlantic). The group at this time consisted of Joe and Cheryl, although Joanna Fox is credited on backing vocals (see bio for more details). Four of the album's tracks (1, 2, 4 and 9) would be released as singles, and another, Shine, was released on Haven Records before the girls signed to WEA.

  • Chemistry by Scarlet, front cover
  • Chemistry by Scarlet, back inlay
  • Chemistry by Scarlet, disc


The successful first album was quickly followed up in 1996 by their sophomore album, which had been recorded in December of 1995. Only one single, Bad Girl, would be released from this album. I read that there was some difficulty with WEA that resulted in the duo being dropped from the label, but I have no further information regarding this. Tracklisting: I can’t save you from yourself, I feel a little sentimental, Do you think of me?, Bad girl, You’re not him, Chemistry, The man in me, Understand me too, Take it like a woman, Fantasy.


If you’re new to record collecting you’ll be asking “what is a promo?” A promo, or promotional release, is a record, CD or tape which is released to radio stations before the actual release date. Promos are meant to be used for the purposes of promoting the song only. This means they are hard to find and you can’t buy them in your high street music shop. Check out Record Fairs or eBay for these rare items.

  • Naked 3-track Sampler, front cover
  • Naked 3-track Sampler, back inlay
  • Naked 3-track Sampler, disc

Naked 3-track Sampler

Catalogue number SAM 1455. 1994 WEA promo. Disc and rear inlay both marked “promo only not for resale”. The inside of the front cover shows the “Independent Love Song” single picture. In album style jewel box with front and rear inlays.

  • Chemistry 4-track Sampler, front cover
  • Chemistry 4-track Sampler, back inlay
  • Chemistry 4-track Sampler, disc

Chemistry 4-track Sampler

Catalogue number SAM 1810. 1996 WEA promo in card sleeve. Disc and rear inlay both marked “promo only not for resale”. Tracklisting: I Can't Save You From Yourself; Bad Girl; The Man In Me; I Feel A Little Sentimental.

  • Love Hangover 1-track promo, front cover
  • Love Hangover 1-track promo, back of front cover
  • Love Hangover 1-track promo, disc

Love Hangover 1-track promo

Catalogue number YZ969CDDJ. 1995 WEA promo in slimline jewel case. Disc and front inlay only.

  • Independent Love Song 1-track promo, disc
  • Bed of Roses Soundtrack cover

Independent Love Song
1-track promo

1996 BMG promo, catalogue number MLJC - 35739-PRO. Slimline jewel case with no artwork.

Single promo from the movie soundtrack of Bed of Roses starring Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterson.

The picture sleeve of the soundtrack album is shown right.

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