Hello and welcome to my Louis Eliot and Rialto fan page.

I've been a fan of the band since I first saw them live back in 1997, and producing this site fulfils an idea I had years ago to do this, but I never got round to it. Well, finally, here it is!

"They tried to kill us off, but this show's not over" - Rialto, "Anything Could Happen".

Indeed. The surviving 4 members (trimmed down from the original 6-piece outfit) might well have cause to feel that way after a series of misfortunes that essentially saw them dropped twice by the same record company.

Although I'm English, I have lived in the USA since 1999, so unfortunately I haven't had any opportunities to see Rialto play live again since I saw them twice in 1997. I have great memories of the second time I saw them however as I got a chance to meet the band afterwards and get them to sign an album promo I'd taken along.

The gig took place at Manchester University, and I was one of what felt like around 10 people in the audience. Since that must be a completely demoralising experience for any band I completely felt for them but like true pros they went ahead and played a full set as if they had the Wembley stadium crowd in front of them. Awesome. There's nothing like being two feet away from live performance! I did take some photos of them performing, but they didn't come out too well as I was actually too close - and I didn't like to move around looking for a better angle in case my wandering around in front of the stage distracted them!

The photos, and the album promo I got signed that day, are up in the "live" section.

The band's founder and lead singer, Louis Eliot, has played several solo live gigs in the last year including a couple of dates in New York City, which unfortunately for me isn't close enough! However, thanks to internet retailers, I have been able to keep up with their latest releases.

If you live outside the UK (or even if you're in the UK and want to shop mail order) and are interested in collecting back catalogue Rialto releases, then I recommend either Esprit or check out eBay where many older CDs turn up at very reasonable prices. Amazon also carry import albums and singles.

If you live in the UK, then second hand shops and record fairs will provide happy hunting grounds!

For all the latest Louis or Rialto news (he hasn't ruled out recording as Rialto again some time in the future!) be sure to check out the Latest News page.

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Caroline Griffith
Updated July 3, 2004