Louis' solo debut album is now out in Asia, and is slated for a July 19, 2004 release in the UK.

The first title of "Falling Through The Days" has been replaced by "The Long Way Round". "I prefer the scenic route," he explains when quizzed about the title. Well, that and the fact that it took a while for him to finally make this album, which he describes as being more about the countryside than Rialto's urban intention.

"I wish there was a method," he laughs when asked about his song-writing process. "It'd make things much easier." Sometimes he finishes a song in a single burst of creativity, sometimes it takes much longer. So which way makes for better songwriting? He laughs, admitting that he doesn't know the answer or even if there is an answer.

Recorded and recently completed at a remote Cornish studio, the album sees the warmth of Louis' voice and easy witticisms brought to the fore in a collection of delicately crated songs.

The album is released in Asia with a bonus 6-track disc 2 featuring acoustic Rialto tracks, a couple of tracks off the new album, and a "bonus" new song. A promo tour of Asia took place in June. Louis put up a brilliant intimate showcase at The Union Square accompanied by his ex-Rialto band mate Julian Taylor (see picture below).

The album can be ordered from Townsend Records in the UK, or from CDWow.com.

Visit Louis' official solo site for up to date info - www.louiseliot.com has all the latest news about future releases and any live gigs!

Also below is Louis is in May 2003 issue of Vogue as part of a photoshoot by Mario Testino called "On the Road" (click on the thumbnail for a full size version).