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Wondering what Karen & Shelly are up to now they're no longer recording together as Alisha's Attic? ...

Well, Shelly is about to launch her solo career with a debut album due in February 2005.

Karen is busy writing chart-topping hits for a wide range of artistes - all the current information is here!


Aa graced many magazine spreads, and a nice selection of pictures and articles can be seen here.

Read in-depth articles on the making of "The House We Built" and other unique insights into Aa's world.

Also some nice full and half-page ads featuring their then current releases.


How did it all start? Who are Karen and Shelly?

And most important, who is Alisha?

Find out the secrets (or not so secret!) of your favourite duo.

Attic Style

The hair. The clothes. THAT make-up ... it's all in here, from glitter to glam.

Do-it-yourself tips and shopping tips on how to get that attic style!

Hilarious stories on hairstyles gone wrong and a dress that no-one can decide who owns it!


Everything you could possibly need to know about any Alisha's Attic release. Includes promos and rare foreign releases.

All picture covers, tracklistings, timings, catalogue numbers ... all you need to hunt down those CDs!

Looking for an elusive release? It's probably here ...


Of course we're not the only attic site on the web!

Apart from the not-to-be-missed official site, here's a good selection of other fan-created sites.

If you have an Aa fan site and you'd like to be linked from here, drop me a line.


Everything you need to know about all Alisha's Attic promotional video clips.

Locations. Video snaps. Production details. Candid location snaps. Behind the scenes gossip. "Making of" stories.

It's all here.

Fan Club

The Fan Club is no longer operational, but there's still stuff in here you need to know.

The Attic Vaults. Exclusive CD with unreleased material. Only available to buy from the Fan Club .... details here.

Also find out what cool collectibles are floating around on the market!


Promotional pictures released by the record company prior to every release.

See our huge photo album.

I'd say more, but a picture speaks a thousand words - and we have lots of pictures!

Meet the Author

Who took the time to write all this stuff? And why?

If you care, drop in and pay me a visit. Yes, that's really a photo of me ... <grin> (although I'm trying to quit the chocolates).

Live Photos

Oh, they played live. They played a lot of gigs. Fortunately, I was there. So was my camera!

See the largest selection of Alisha's Attic live photos on the web!


Ah, you can't leave without leaving a message! Well, you could, but where's the fun in that?

Leave bouquets or brickbats for me, and contact other Aa fans.


Some rare and elusive Aa tracks for download in mp3 format.

Japanese album tracks, rare b-sides, promo only releases.

Brand new for May 2004, and updated by request.