There is no Rialto video collection available to buy (apart from the video CD available with the Hong Kong version of the "Rialto" album).

However, two very cool promotional compilations exist, one American and one English. The American version is pretty special as it comes in a great movie style sleeve.

From the back cover of the video sleeve:

"At 8pm on Sunday night he went home. She had to get up early. He took a bath. Watched a film. He called her to say goodnight. He got the machine. He called all night - left message after message.

On Monday Morning at 5:19 Louis guessed the sad truth about Isabelle. Like a bottle slipping from a drunken hand, Louis watches his star fall and shatter on the ground. If she were an angel he would cut off her wings - he'd do anything to keep her. But Isabelle is gone now and he's untouchable.

The problem is Louis can't let go. Soon he's following her through the streets and peering through her windows filming her every move. He's found a new way for them to be together."

The video features full length versions of the videos for:

Monday Morning 5:19
When We're Together

plus a partial clip of Dream Another Dream. This is a very cool collectible, very cleverly done and very stylish too. The video comes in a cardboard slip case sleeve.

In comparison, the UK version is very plain. It comes in a plastic 'clamshell' style box with a plain paper inlay simply marked 'Rialto".

It features the videos for Monday Morning, Untouchable and When We're together, but no Dream Another Dream clip like the American version.

A postcard advertising the Rheingold gigs is inserted into the rear cover.

The video was produced by EastWest and is marked "For Promotional Use Only - Not For Resale".

Don't record companies realise that phrase is music to the collector's ears?

Want to see what the videos look like? Click on one of the frames below to go to a page featuring a dozen snaps taken from the promotional videos.