This section features all the Rialto single releases, and a couple of related single releases (Louis solo, and his pre-Rialto band Kinky Machine). If you're a big fan, then the singles are well worth hunting down as almost all of them have unique b-sides that are not featured on any of their albums.


Revolution Singles Club COUP 005

Exclusive Limited Edition featuring Rialto "Skyscraper" and Dogger "Bitter Almonds".

There is a pressing error on this CD, it is incorrectly labelled, showing "Spanish Fly" as the Dogger track, but the label on the outer sleeve corrects this mistake.

The CD comes in a plain white card sleeve.

London Crawling

East West YZ939CD

This CD is in the Rialto discography because it features two tracks that would eventually show up on Rialto albums:

London Crawling
Waiting For The Weekend
Love Like Semtex
Hello Hello I'm Back Again

Listening to London Crawling and Love Like Semtex is like hearing demo versions of the songs that Rialto recorded - very interesting.

When We're Together

East West EW089CD

When We're Together
Vinegar Vera
Los Angelenos

Comes in a double card sleeve.

From the promo sticker on the reverse:

"Ex Singles Club members Rialto start with the impressive 'When We're Together'. Phrases such as 'dashing' and 'cinematic' are wholly appropriate for this love song. Expect more from this band and try to catch them on tour over the coming months".

Untouchable CD1

East West EW107CD

Lipstick Letters
King Of Karaoke

Comes in a double card sleeve.

The two b-sides are not available on any albums, this is the only place they are available.

Untouchable CD2

East West EW107CD2

Monday Morning 5:19 (reprise)
The Red Telephone

Comes in a double card sleeve.

Monday Morning 5:19

East West EW116CD

Monday Morning 5:19
Little Comedian

Comes in a double card sleeve.

Dream Another Dream CD1

East West EW156CD1

Dream Another Dream
The Hand That Used To Feed

Comes in an album style jewel box with a cool "reversible" inner sleeve. Turn the folded insert inside-out and you have different sleeve which matches the one used on CD2 of this set.

Dream Another Dream CD2

East West EW156CD2

Dream Another Dream (edit)
Wild Is The Wind
Playground Song

Limited Edition comes in a double card sleeve with 4 free colour postcards inside.

Monday Morning 5:19 (widescreen)

China Records WOKCDR2095

Monday Morning 5:19 (widescreen)
Slo-Mo Death Blow
Monday Morning 5:19 (orchestral soundtrack)
Monday Morning 5:19 (CD-Rom track)

Limited edition internet only (not sold in record stores). Comes in a digipak. Nice orchestral sounding remix and of course you get the video too.

Click here to read a BBC news article on the release.

Summer's Over CD1

China Records WOKCD2099

Summer's Over (windswept version)
Vinegar Vera

Comes in album-style jewel box.

Summer's Over CD2

China Records WOKCDR2099

Summer's Over (windswept version)
Slo-Mo Death Blow
Los Angelenos
Summer's Over CD-ROM

Comes in album-style jewel box and includes the CD-Rom video of the title track.

Summer's Over Box Set

Special edition 2xCD Collector's Pack

This is a special edition double CD slipcase designed to hold both CDs of the Summer's Over single. This pack was not available in the shops and is a strictly limited edition. Only Rialto database members received this slipcase.

The reverse also gave the dates and venues of the "no intermission" tour by Rialto in September and October of 1998.

Anything Could Happen CD1

Eagle Records EAGXA191

Anything Could Happen (single edit)
Failing In Love
Monday Morning 5:19 (french version)

Comes in slimline jewel case.

I'm not sure the world needed yet another version of 5:19 but it does have a certain quality sung in French!

Anything Could Happen CD2

Eagle Records EAGXS191

Anything Could Happen (album version)
Remote Control
The Car That Took My Love Away

Comes in slimline jewel case. Very cool non-album b-side.

London Crawling

Eagle Records EAGXS199

London Crawling (single edit) 3.30
Someone That She Used To Know 2.51
Catherine's Wheel (live acoustic version) 4.31

Comes in slimline jewel case.

So what happened to the official release of this single? As far as I know it was scheduled to come out in late 2001, then it dropped off the radar. Anyone who knows the story behind this apparently cancelled single, please let me know.

Louis Eliot
Everybody Loves You When You're Dead

Iodine Records

Everybody Loves You When You're Dead
Country Life
Go To Sleep
Warmth Of The Sun

Louis Eliot solo release. Comes in card sleeve. Limited edition, now very rare and hard to find - I get emails about this CD on a regular basis!