Made In Vain

Unfortunately, I have no production credits or other information available for this clip. The promo tape I have does not include the customary "countdown" lead-in which usually displays the production credits. If you know who directed/produced this video then please let me know. (Another "ask Lisa" question to be added to my list!)

However, the video shows the trio roaming around the streets of a rather deserted large city (presumably London) ... and eventually they are joined by lots of other people running through the city streets with them.

I have to wonder what time in the morning they had to get up to find an area with streets that deserted! :-)

Video download available

Click here to download the "Made In Vain" video. (File size 6.7mb).

The video download is in RealVideo format, and you will need their player to view it - click here to download RealPlayer.