From This Moment On

Director: Dani Jacobs
Production Company: Swivel Films

This time, the band members appear in what seems to be a James Bond-style homage!

The video starts with Lisa, Pascal and Paul examining "hi-tech" gadgets. Paul and Pascal seem to be filling the "Q" role(s) whilst Lisa is James. ;-)

Lisa is given the equipment to complete a "search and retrieve" mission. Her progress is viewed on camera by Paul and Pascal as she takes photographs and reports back to them.

The video cuts between actual footage of Lisa's mission and Paul and Pascal's view of it on the closed circuit TV.

The mission is ultimately successful as Lisa returns, tossing the object she's retrieved to the guys, then turning back to the camera with a smile.

When I get the chance I will ask Lisa to tell us about the inspiration behind this clip as I'd love to know where the idea came from!

Unlike the previous clip, the video isn't a literal interpretation of the song. It's a very fun clip to watch however! One of my all-time favourites.

The clip was shot at The Depot on 19th October 1996.

Video download available

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