Peach made three promo video films in total, none of which are available to buy commercially.

Click the polaroid photo to go to the page for the video you're interested in. Each page has details of all the videos along with selected stills from the films. Downloads of the full videos are also available, so if you've never seen them now's the chance!

Although "Sorrow Town" was a single, they never got around to making an accompanying video. Lisa says: "Sadly we never did make a Sorrowtown video. It was my favourite track off the album and we talked of making a 'Billy Liar' type of promo, but it wasn't to be..."

Bonus downloads available

Lisa has no plans to return to the music business as a performer, but she has been working at writing and recording demo material with other musicians. Late in 2001 she recorded a song she wrote with Jamie Perkins called "Through My Eyes" and the demo was played on an LA radio station.

Click here to download the Through My Eyes mp3 demo. (File size 2.6mb, and it is unfortunately low quality.)

Pre-Peach, the only Lisa recording that I'm aware of is the trip-hop "Summer Breeze" which was billed as "Spiral featuring Lisa Lamb".

Click here to download the Summer Breeze mp3. (File size 2.6mb, good quality).