Mute Records Official Biography

Pascal Gabriel, bespectacled Belgian cultural refugee, one third of sophisticated pop combo Peach and all round pop aficionado, stumbles into the smoky back room of a north London pub, takes a long slug on his peach schnapps and matter of factly proclaims, "Peach are all about that pop thrill." Lisa Lamb, vocalist of Peach, nods furiously in agreement, adding, "It's all about stumbling on that perfect pop tune with a twist, the one that will define a moment in time, the one that will be used in years to come on some trashy TV show to sum up an era." Absofuckinglutely.

Yes, yes, yes, yeeesss. Pop music is back on the agenda. No, not that stodgy, glutinous, homogenised trash that skips along masquerading as pop music, but real, life enhancing gear. The stuff that makes your heart weep, the stuff that demands you switch up the radio and how for joy like a demented hound as soon as the track drifts out of the speakers, the real McCoy. Drenched with lilting strings and vocal harmonies that wouldn't look out of place on a Shirelles record, Mute signings Peach look set to establish themselves as custodians of the perfect pop plan. "We try and make pop music that's up to date but that wouldn't look out of place on a Stax Revue. Sort out 60's pop for the europop generation," barks Paul Statham, the straight to the point Northern bloke in Peach, between gulps of bourbon and drags on his 13th Silk Cut of the evening. "I'm more of a soul girl," interjects Lisa Lamb. Soul, pop, euro, Peach have a slice of something for everyone to chew over - the perfect hors d'oeuvre.

It all came together about a year ago or so. After chequered pasts that saw all three members of the band straddle most popular genres of music over the past ten years, they eventually converged with the common aim of producing melancholy pop, pop music that would not only prove cerebrally challenging but stuff that could stride along proudly competing with the latest knicker wetting, boy band fad to come out of Manchester, or wherever. Pascal Gabriel has seen it before, after being involved with such late 80's gems such as Bomb The Bass's `Beat Dis' and S Express's `Theme From S Express' he has built up a strong understanding and healthy interest in the writing of pop tunes. Paul Statham, another piece of the Peach jigsaw, has previously seen action with the dark lord himself, Pete Murphy, yet after a number of years trawling around the world trading dark gothic hymns of doom and despair to a disenfranchised audience, he eventually became disillusioned with the world of bats, crypts and flour. "I reached a point where I just though, `Give me some pop music, I need something light, no more goth please.'"

"I think there's a definite hint of McAlmont and Butler in there," Paul adds. "Well, yeah, maybe," Lisa answers. "But I really do think there are large doses of the greats like Bacharach and Carole King hidden away in the music." "I agree," Pascal adds, "but I do think we can't forget the definite soul influence on the music of Peach." So, what do Peach sound like? Well, dear reader, it's all the aforementioned and more. Peach seem to have chomped their way through the great pop lineage, from Booker T and Donna Summer to Bert Bacharach and St Etienne, eventually regurgitating them in a 90's euro pop hybrid, that drips with lush orchestration and sweet melancholy vocal hooks. A Motownesque creation, dragged through Giorgio Moroder's back yard to eventually end up slap bang in the middle of the 1990's. A timeless music that can be grasped and cherished as much in today's euro pop world as in the sweet soul world of yesteryear.

And so, Peach look set to catapult themselves from the steamy surrounds of Turkish baths in Istanbul to the glitzy world of pop stardom. With a salvo of weaponry concealed up their sleeves in their battle to conquer the world, Peach are loitering on the edge of pop recognition. The live shows are planned, a mixture of high camp and sultry performance, the album is in the bag, so to speak, a sprinkling of soul, a dash of electro and a dollop of euro pop, and Peach look ready to explode. The future looks bright, the future is PEACH.

Peach release their new single, "From This Moment On", on November 25th.