The Miami Herald
Friday, October 24,1997

Pure pop reigns again. Peach Union, a new Europop outfit from London, has already landed a hit with this debut set's exuberantly upbeat first single, On My Own, and there's plenty more in this patch. Think frothy ABBA-styled hooks with an eye toward the dance floor, and you're describing this album, which hits stores Tuesday.

Peach Union's On My Own single, which shares its Madonna-Express Yourself-era assertiveness and bounce, works wheree so many similar dance ditties stumble. The key: singer Lisa Lamb's intoxicating vocals. Peach Union avoids the cliched formula - backing robotic male voice and helium-toned female lead - and instead relies on Lamb's expressive Dusty Springfield-inspired singing.

Sure, Audiopeach's music is as processed and packaged as anything in your grocery store's frozen foods section, but the best convenience treats are pretty good, aren't they?

Herald Staff Writer