Wharfedale Star
July 23, 1998

Audiopeach by Peach

Peach's crossover potential is so large it obscures my vision. The Europop production pulls out all the nifty tricks of the trade - steamy techno beats, tinny synth piano and Gina G-style vocal harmonies all contribute to this.

I normally run a mile from this kind of thing but find it increasingly more difficult in this case becase they have that rare gift of being able to combine these disposable noises with real pop songs. Perhaps this is the reason our Aqua kids have passed them over and daytime radio completely ignores them, for this is hardly something that happens every day and it doesn't take much to confuse these people.

Audiopeach scans the pop market freely, delving into the Smithesque dance moodiness of Dubstar and The Pet Shop Boys right through to the above-mentioned Gina G with a little Saint Etienne thrown in as a precaution. Interesting also to see is the late Billy Mackenzie making a couple of vocal appearances here, which goes to show just how long Mute Records have had this album on hold.

He makes a dramatic entrance on the high energy numbers Deep Down Together and Give Me Tomorrow.

The singles On My Own, From This Moment On and Higher Ground are distinct highlights, as is the beautifully reflective Hush and the striking catchiness of Perfect World.

Peach's time may well come. They have the formula. Let's hope they achieve the breaks.

Wharfedale Star July 23, 1998

Peach: Sorrow Town

Yes, Gina G meets Saint Etienne in one of the album's finest production affairs. Come on everybody, the chart is really missing this band.

Wharfedale Star August 13, 1998