The Daily Star
Thursday, October 17, 1996

Keep-fit fanatic Lisa Lamb really got all steamed up when she went for a Turkish bath after a workout.

Sweating alongside her were seasoned rockers and fellow fitness freaks Pascal Gabriel and Paul Statham.

Within minutes they were talking and getting along so well they decided to form their own band, Peach. Now the trio are being tipped by pop experts to hit No. 1 with their single, From This Moment On, which is out next month.

Lisa scored a huge club smash last month with her debut single On My Own. The 23-year-old spent her teenage years in Washington DC and has often had her voice compared with multi-million selling Carole King's. She says: "When I I met Pascal and Paul at the turkish baths I was quite daunted by their pop backgrounds. Paul had toured the country with the top gothic outfit Bauhaus and Pascal was a hit writer and producer who had been involved with Bomb the Bass and S'Express. But they quickly put me at ease. In fact, I tried to sing to them there and then!"

"That was a bit of a disaster because I burst out laughing as soon as I started. Pascal's glasses had completely steamed up and he looked really hilarious!"

Lisa's still laughing - but now it's all the way to the bank. With her delicious good looks, she should become one of the biggest dance stars in the music biz.

And the band is set to boost their already growing appeal with a debut album.

Saucy Lisa joked "I think we might be going back to the Turkish bath in north London to write it. It was quite raunchy when were first met there, so I'm sure we could come up with something steamy!"