Birmingham Evening Mail
November 8, 1998

IMAGINE Saint Etienne crashing head on with 2 Unlimited and Burt Bacharach and you've got PEACH.

Classical pop linked with plenty of fat beats in a Euro groove is the trademark of this three piece collective.

Fronted by 28-year-old London-born Lisa Lamb the band also includes Paul Statham and Belgian Pascal Gabriel. The two guys already knew each other, then along came Lamb and Peach was the fruit of their collaboration.

The band have already enjoyed success with their slice of electro easy listening 'On My Own' - it reached number 22 in the Billboard Hot 100 and number 2 in the Canadian charts.

Surprisingly, the heavy dollop of bittersweet pop failed to chart here - even though it was released twice. The track was used on the soundtrack of Gwyneth Paltrow's double life movie Sliding Doors, which all came as something of a shock to blonde former Chelsea School of Art student Lisa. She recalls: "I had no idea it had been used on the soundtrack. The first thing I knew was when I got a phone call saying, `Do you want to go to the premiere of Sliding Doors?' "I said, `Yeah, fine, but why?' They said, `You've got a song on it'. I thought, thanks for telling me - and everybody knew about it except me, even Paul and Pascal.

"But it was exciting to know about the song being used at the last minute and I swanked over to the premiere and said, `Hi, Gwyneth'," she laughs. "It was great. When the song came on it was right in the middle of the movie. I wanted to jump up and say, `That's me, that's me!' but I thought I can't say that as everybody else here is more important than I am.

"But it was nice to see our names come up at the end. I wish we had delayed the release of 'On My Own' in England to coincide with the movie. Still, hopefully 'Sorrow Town' will make up for our disappointment."

Emotional 'Sorrow Town' was released yesterday and if there's any justice should be a feature of next week's chart. The song is about emotional independence, about staying in situations when you are undervalued or being damaged and you turn in on yourself.

Lisa says: "It recognises you have to save yourself by leaving, it's a little less sweet and a bit more bitter. I find it very emotional but uplifting as well. The independence theme is very much my bag."