The Chelsea School of Art graduate who grew up shuttling between Washington D.C. and London after her parents divorced is quick to point out that Peach’s music is not your run-of-the-mill bubble-gum pop.

"We are like halfway in between; we are not going for the same audience as the boy bands and the girl bands and we are not like them but we are still much ‘pop-ier’ than some of the more grown-up bands. Quite often we’d be doing shows with different people and we’d be surrounded by these bands made up of five dancing boys or girls. And we’d go, ‘What are we doing here?’ but these are the very people (who attend boy/girl-band concerts) who buy our music too!"

Peach was formed after the two male bandmates, Paul Statham and Pascal Gabriel, met in Istanbul where they were making an album. They later met up with kooky band-mate Lisa and decided that her warm and clear vocals was the perfect pitch for their electro-pop tunes.

Lisa, who remembers attending hippie concerts with her groovy father, promises that there will be an upcoming album:

"We want to take a vacation because we have been so busy (doing promotion for our debut album, Audiopeach). Of course we want to come up with another album that sounds like this one with big electronic lush sounds but the main bittersweet themes will still be there. Our songs have a dark feel about them and I’m a great fan of contrast and contradiction --- I like to temper the sweetness with something else. I’m a very complex creature so I’m not always happy and sweet."

Their highly-stylised pictures on CD sleeves and posters betray not a trace of their real ages. In fact, Peach isn’t one bit the pappy pop group you would expect them to be from the sound of their name - au contraire.

Take for example Lisa’s story behind the song she wrote called ‘Hush’. About a year-and-a-half ago, the South-African born daughter of a political scientist dad and a lecturer mum had what she calls an "amazing encounter" with an Irish film star:

"Actually, ‘Hush’ which is a love song is quite a happy one. I had an encounter with a movie-star and we had this incredible conversation and for two days, I felt like I was walking on air. Nothing happened but we had an amazing conversation… but he did kiss me on the lips though! I met him in a hotel restaurant in London where my mother was taking me out to dinner. He came in and she was like, ‘Oh, look, look! That’s him!’ and I was like, ‘Don’t stare at him!’

And then after the main course, she disappeared and came trotting back with him. "I was like, ‘Oh God!’ He said, ‘Oh, I’m just going to stay for one drink,’ but he stayed till four in the morning and my mother at this point was completely drunk and beginning to say embarrassing things. He said to me, ‘Can’t you stay?’ and I had to say, ‘No, we can’t, we have to go.' So he walked us up to our cabins and gave me a kiss and I kind of swooned!

"My mother said to me after that, ‘Why didn’t you stay?’

And I went, ‘Mother! You’re not supposed to say that sort of thing! You are not supposed to encourage me to be a sl**!’ Yeah, there was an awful lot of things that we said but there was also a lot that remained unspoken but I can hear it loud and clear."

Does she still keep in touch with the man who swept her off her feet then?

"No," Lisa replied in a dramatic whisper, "He’s a married man --- That’s my reason for rejecting him, I don’t hold with that."

Ah, the lingering memory of forbidden love…

Interview excerpts taken from an article by Michelle Heng