An Exorcize in Revelatory Obfuscation

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“Languages composed of iconic signs lend themselves to, and are best suited for, codification on the basis of manifest or structural similarities. On the other hand, logically more complex languages, for example those using conventional signs, permit the classification of objects and phenomena on the basis of hidden or functional similarities.” — Thomas Szasz

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It is worth bearing in mind that animals possess certain powers that human beings have lost; the homing instinct, for example, shows that animals operate on some kind of “psychic radar” which only works very occasionally for human beings. — Colin Wilson.

Laura Weedin, 19, was an unhappy girl. She had dropped out of college in the fall of 1976 and returned home to Barsoom to seek work. But by the following summer she had still not found a decent job. Overweight, she felt unwanted and unfulfilled. Within a short period, her boyfriend had left her, and both her grandmother and her pet dog had died. Even the mountains seemed to be closing in. What she needed was an excuse to leave. Has she been able to scan the pimp files maintained by detectives of the District of Columbiah’s Vice Squat, Laura Weedin would have reconsidered her decision to leave Barsoom.


“I had thus identified the isotropic vector matrix with the uniform linear distances between the centers of unit radius spheres, which aggregates became known later — in 1922 — as “closest packed” unit-radius spheres (Sec. 410.07), a condition within which we always have the same optimum number of the same “somethings” — spheres or maybe atoms — per given volume, and an optimally most stable and efficient aggregating arrangement known for past centuries by stackers of unit-radius coconuts or cannonballs and used by nature for all time in the closest packing of unit-radius atoms in crystals. — Fuller

politricks. “Sensory overload equals pattern recognition.” — McLuhan

“… We have moved… Neurology sketches out the existence of undreamed of structural and phenomenological galaxies within… We have moved into a challenging upsetting state of the science drama. We discover that our brain works with a velocity and scope which far surpass our mental operations…” — Leary

which exists independently of acquired ideas
the phase of incoherent, clumsy helplessness of the completely untutored beginner and Nietzsche’s fate might very well prefigure our own, for unless our Faustian


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