[Note: the following is a poster from Reith’s Word of Truth Ministries project, whose mission was to reveal the agenda of the religious right by slightly turning up their fiery rhetoric. See an explanatory excerpt from Bob Black’s “Beneath the Underground” here.]


IS there a real

Jerry Falwell, et al: Prophets of $in!

Jerry Falwell is a prophet of sin. His televised followers are characters in an absurd play, worthy of Beckett’s dry chuckle. They experience their only orgasms while fantasizing about working their way into the position of repressed, despised outcasts.

Distinguishing himself by proposing to abort true christian-american traditions and forcibly insert into the womb of society a testtube hybrid mixture of his own satanic biblical interpretations, he reveals his hellish loyalties. Any man so obsessed with money cannot be interpreting the bible correctly.

*But Why?*

Falwell is an agent of satan because he doesn’t go far enough. By coming across as a true follower of god, he deludes us into thinking that his way is sufficient. But this is not so. Diluted teachings and punishments are not what the lord wants for us; and only the master of deception would have us think so.

No, we cannot just be satisfied with Falwell’s weak half-measures: a mere christian bill of rights, a mere strong defense posture when what we need is war, a mere cutback of social welfare programs when what we need is the re-establishment of slavery, a mere prohibition against pornography when what god wants us to do is kill everyone who has ever violated his laws of sex.

follow God’s LAW!

True christians will be, and have been, horrified at the disgusting example of such false prophets as Falwell. They will continue to rise up and organize in the name of a real christian order, that follows the precepts of Falwell through to their logical and god-ordained conclusion: that we must stone prostitutes and adulterers, that we must wage war against our enemies, that we must not tolerate the presence or the existence of anyone who disagrees with us. Praise the Lord, the lord of flies, the lord of death.

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