Being Against Motherhood Does Not Go Over in Peoria

Case Studies

Conflicting Virtues

Closing Redux

The Devil’s Day Off

Digressions (The Connection 119)

Drifting in One Spot I

Drifting in One Spot II (TC 119)

Formulas (TC 119)

Fraud, Cheat, Lie, Thrill (early version)

Issues in Suspension

K. Goes to the Lecture


Melpomene’s Little Sister Georgene

Number 8, Number 8

An Objective Lesson

Once I Thought I Knew

The Pleasure Palace: A Visit

Revisionist History for Children

Rodeo Week in Sheridan

The Roots of Modern Terror



That Then I Scorn to Change My State

Three Men in Dresden (early version of
Kings of Orient, Dresden, DC)

…To Rust Unburnished (early version)

Third Worldview

Untitled (Diligent Historians… )

Variations on a Theme

Winning Hearts & Minds

Neutron Gun, Assembled by Gerry Reith

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