1. Once I was a key player on “Bob”’s all-star team. I was Gerry Reith, High Pope of the Unpredictable. I had worked hard to get where I was.
  2. Then I blundered. I committed the Impossible Sin, which can’t be described, since it doesn’t exist.
  3. “Bob” grew enraged at my error, and withdrew his protective cloak of emanations.
  4. I retained my great spiritual powers of course, but I was naked to the Detektor devices of the Conspiracy.
  5. They located me in short order as I spun out plunging ever deeper into the confusion of one who has strayed from the path.
  6. I was kidnapped, and brutally murdered.
  7. My body was shipped to the secret base on the moon for preparation as a burnt offering to the Unnameable One.
  8. But back at home, my protege, Tribunal Overdrive, was busy.
  9. He got in contact with the elusive Doktor Moore, an ally of “Bob”’s, and convinced him to mount an effort to save me.
  10. Doktor Moore and his heroic crew blasted off!
  11. They raided the Con’s HQ and made off with my crumbling remains.
  12. At Doktor Moore’s advanced laboratory they worked day and night.
  13. Finally I was sustained on the Supersecret Death Support System.
  14. They proceeded to reconstruct my memory from the ground up.
  15. Recently I was boosted back to life by a secret process that was discovered by “Bob” back in fifty-eight, but which was suppressed by the Con’s agents in the patent offices.
  16. So here I am again, but I’m not the same any more.

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