[Letter published in the Casper Star-Tribune 26 January 1983.]

Immigration bill would have
kept pro-Americans out


I just found out something that ought to be interesting. In the February 1983 issue of the American Spectator, columnist Tom Bethell praises the defeat of the immigration bill that was supported by Senator Alan Simpson.

Mr. Bethell points out that Mother Jones, a left-wing monthly, supported the bill, too. In their January 1983 issue, they said: “Some progressive Americans are worried, and with very good reason, that the political beliefs of many of the new immigrants are dangerously reactionary. They believe that Latin America and the Far East have blanketed us with hordes of uncompromising anti-Communists.”

Mr. Bethell then goes on to comment, “Right. One of the best thing about immigrants is that they are mostly pro-American.”

Lenin said that the capitalists would weave the rope that would be used to hang them. We hope it isn’t true. But it sure looks like the Republicans are trying to do something like that.


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