[Letter published in the Casper Star-Tribune 8 February 1983.]

Resort tax idea is a
step too far


So, the chamber of commerce is busy endorsing a new resort tax. Sort of strange, given that they hand out little pieces of paper to their members, saying that they believe in “limited government and individual liberty.”

They want the government to get into promoting tourism even more than it already does. What next? Maybe we can tax the barbers to help pay for government haircuts. Then we can have the government start tying our shoes, brushing our teeth, helping us on with our pajamas, and kicking down our doors when we go to bed at night.

Isn’t the Chamber satisfied with the money it gets from voluntary fundraising? Why should they be allowed to push through a measure to squeeze people more? Above all, it ought to be the businessmen who are rallying against these people who want to stick it to us for our own good.

As to being optional on the county level, that’s a farce. It ought to be optional on the individual level.


(This letter was shortened.)

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