[Letter published in the Casper Star-Tribune 1 August 1982.]

Charge ahead,
draft resisters


Your front page coverage of the embattled 675,000 patriotic draft resisters failed to mention whether the eight million who did register were all named Pete Moss and Mack Truck. I hope they are. It would be truly embarrassing to think that a land like America couldn’t produce eight million ornery individualists who would use up every available slavery application form in whimsical disobedience.

Go, team, go! Maybe if you’re lucky they’ll raise taxes some more to pay for enforcement; we need a few more straws if we’re going to break that camel’s back. From the looks of things, the imbeciles on the hill would still rather cut their own throats than cut the budget, although Christ knows the former would be the best thing they could possibly do for the country.


[Provoked some flag-waving response.]

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