The Baby And The Bathwater

“If you’re at all active on the left fringes you should have a copy of this just to see how far “anti-authoritarians” can fall.”
— Factsheet Five

Bob Black’s 1982 review of the San Francisco-based magazine Processed World was never intended to be the opening salvo in a drawn-out conflict. The review,“Circle-A Deceit,” written for Appeal To Reason, reads as a thoughtful, analytical look at the motives behind the self-proclaimed magazine “written by and for dissident office workers.” Appeal to Reason’s editor even offered the review to PW prior to publication for a response, but their published reaction was brutal. Incensed that Black had called their motives into question, PW began a bewildering campaign of harrassment against Black in an attempt to silence and discredit him, employing dubious police reports, engaging in a smear campaign throughout the undergound press vilifying Black in an attempt to censor his works completely, and even attempting to get a judge to prohbit Black from writing about PW at all!

A modern classic of gonzo journalism, The Baby and the Bathwater documents the conflict in full including Black’s correspondence with full documentation of PW’s attempts to silence their critics. This edition includes Black’s recent afterword, bringing the story to its conclusion.

Also included:

Gerry Reith On Processed World

The Poverty of Anti-Authoritarians — Or, The Last Ideology vs. The Last International

Hold Your Tongue Demagogue: Turning a Deaf Ear to Pure Bufe-oonery
Brian Kane and Lawrence Jarach’s rebuttal to
the infamous Chaz Bufe pamphlet Listen, Anarchist!

Anarchism vs. Anarchy
by Feral Ranter

Let’s Not Forget what kind of person Bob Black is
[a letter circulated by Fred Woodworth]

Let’s Not Forget Fred Woodworth is a Liar and a Fool
[Bob Black’s response]

Bizarro Processed World: Gidget Am Fired
Stephanie Klein’s independent corroboration of the PW scandal

Anarchism and Other Impediments to Anarchy
by Bob Black

by Bob Black

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