POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Prone or supine. To get on — or to get it on? To pay or to play? To get up or to get it up? To work or to shirk? Don’t downsize desire! There is no life after work. Workers Against Work.

ATTENTION NEW (W)AGEISTS: A good mantra is hard to find. The Aquarian Age: the Wholocaust. Godless Communists (attn: Sufi Sales, Dementor).

FAILING MARX: Maoists: Marxist Moonies. Trotskyism: Stalinism’s loyal opposition. Leftism: Too many causes, not enough effects. Why not go so far left you’ve left the left behind? The left is gauche, make your own revolution! Nothing-Leftists.

“MASTERS WITHOUT SLAVES” needed to complete passional series: polygynes, bacchantes, licentiates, and tetratones (will consider tritones.) No pets (antilions OK). Gang of Fourier.

THE LIBERAL: Whenever anybody mentions revolvers, he reaches for his culture. Progress? The future is passé. Why let culture take its course? Misanthropologists.

SAME SEEKS SAME. Solipsist seeks self for superfluous symmetry. Let’s be alone together. Involutionaries.

LEISURE: How to make play work. Your place or Mein Kampf? Play for keeps! Misbehaviorists.

(H)EL(L), SALVADOR? Peace is too important to be left to the pacifists, much less left to the left. Less passivism, more pacifism! Peacemongers.

TO BE SCHOOLED is to be ruled. Indulge in the pleasures of pedanticide — don’t deny yourself the delights of didacticide! Instead of terminating prejudiced teachers, why not terminate teachers “with prejudice”? Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach—and those who don’t want to, fight back! Better Brenda than Herbert Spencer! Pedagogicides.

MORALISM: Service to causes... causes servitude. The l’s have it! Marxist-Stirnerists.

NEW WAVE: Withered on the vinyl. Sophisticated, eh? To be bored is to be boring. It’s art, but is it good? Pata-Poseurs.

IN A BAD STATE? There aren’t any good ones. The superstructure is base. Smash lexism! Impoliticians.

COUPLES: Tactical nuclear families, Prostitution: buysexuality. Less sexism, more sex! Don’t let them revoke your licentiousness. Orgastronomes.

LAW: The only cause of crime; first and foremost of the “hurting professions.” Why not try robbery for “hands-up” experience? Crime is self-help antinomianism. Lifeless law — or the lawless life? You be the judge. Nomophobes.

SPACE COLONIZATION? Better start with the vacuum between your ears. The Enterprise is a garbage scow. Instead of lower gravity, why not higher levity? Futurism is reactionary. Why not science friction? The Empire strikes out... may the farce be with you! Phrases on stun! Artaud D2.

MAN BITES GOD! Wafer Madness a sacramental illness. See the Polish Pope turn wine into water! Deicide is a victimless crime. Primates.

JUSTICE we thought: instead of due process, der Prozess. To nonsuit the 3-piece set (aka the Tweed Ring) be plaintive, not plaintiff... make a criminal appeal! Translexuals.

PULL THE PLUG on radio evangelists. Less aural sects, more oral sex! Ranters.

Part II: The Last International