Most of these texts have appeared in such publications as Appeal to Reason/Open City, Beatniks from Space, Chicago Reader, Church of the Latter Day Punk, CoEvolution Quarterly, The Connection, Critique, Daily Barbarian, False Positive, Fifth Estate, Front Line, L.A. Reader, Light Times, Lightworks, Loompanics Unlimited Book Catalog, Maximum Rock ’n’ Roll, Mind’s Eye, New Indicator, No Limits, Popular Reality, Real Fun, Re/Search, Ripped & Torn, Semiotext(e), The Spark, The Stark Fist of Removal, Swill, The Thought, To Apeiron, Troubled Times, Twisted Imbalance, Village Voice, and Weekly Central Scab.

Original cover collage by Donna Kossy.

Originally published by Loompanics Unlimited (ISBN 0-915179-41-5) 1986

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At the author’s request, “The Best Book Catalog in The World” (expanded in Beneath the Underground), “The Cult to End All Cults” and the introduction by Ivan Stang have been deleted from this edition. This site also includes a bibliography of selected works and an archive of Bob’s recent rants and essays not part of the original edition.

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Part IV: Other Vices