The Incidentals

The Incidentals 3.02

Director: Karen Lamond
Producer: Jeremy Bannister
Production Company: The Oil Factory
Date: 7 August 1998

This is the first single from the girls' second studio album, Illumina.

The video for this single was shot in Hamworth House, a beautiful but derelict old house (which is said to be haunted) near london Heathrow. The girls say that this was their favourite video to make.

During the filming, a door at the end of a corridor opened and banged shut for no apparent reason. A camera was rolling and everybody thought they should check the film to see if there was any earthly reason for it.

Unbelievably however the camera had inexplicably shut off at the vital moment and carried straight on after the amazing occurence. Eerie, very eerie!!

The video was directed by Karen Lamond, the first time they have ever worked with a woman director (but not the last, as they went on to work with Sophie Muller, another Oil Factory alumnus).

Shellie says:

“We had to have 3 safety officers standing by for the fire scenes. We had to film it in just 2 takes.

In the first take the curtains went up in flames too quickly so we just dropped our cushions and legged it! On the second take we actually put out the fire so it had to be re-lit for the shoot!

In the cushion scenes we were sprayed with glycerine and water because we hadn’t yet done the water spray scene in the corridor."

"We had to look wet, but it certainly wasn’t a good idea because as soon as the feathers started to fly they got stuck to us everywhere - up our noses, in our hair.

We couldn’t stop laughing at ourselves because we both looked like two turkeys! We had to borrow the housekeepers shower after that scene!"

Karen and Shellie had to have 2 sets of dresses because they got so messed up after the first day’s filming.

Karen and Shellie had a much more sophisticated look for this video shoot.

Shellie said "We felt smothered by all that make-up," (from the first album) "and I dyed my hair so much it frazzled and fell out." Hence the short haircut seen in this video!

Another great picture sleeve for the promo video, featuring a shot that's different from either of the singles but taken from the same session.

If you're looking to find any of these promo videos, your best bet would be record fairs/shows.

If I manage to track down an online dealer selling any, I will post a link to them.

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