Push It All Aside

Push It All Aside 3.31

Director: Sophie Muller
Production Company: The Oil Factory
Date:16 July 2000

The first single to be taken from the girls' final Mercury album "The House We Built".

The video represents Karen and Shellie as young girls, housewives and finally old women sitting in rocking chairs.

Dressed in matching outfits ranging from bright yellow dresses as children, to aprons covered in big, red cherries as housewives, and finally plain black dresses as old women, the girls move in perfect synchronicity as they do their household chores.

Director Sophie Muller has become adept at directing music videos.

Shellie said: "We had been wanting Sophie Muller to do videos for us for years and she always turned us down."

She had kept saying: “No, no I don’t understand the band at all”.

So this time .we sent her the whole album. Usually we just send out some clips to video directors.

We said, “This is the concept, this is what it’s going to be like”. And she came back and said, “I’d love to do it”.

Karen says: "Since then, we’ve kind of become really good friends. She’s just really, really inspiring. She makes brilliant videos. She made the video or we made the video that we always wanted to make, especially ‘Push It All Aside’.

She just said, “What do you want to do?’” And we said, “We just wanted to sit in front of the camera and let us do our thing”. She totally trusted us, and it was just perfect cause she’s got a knack of making things look really quirky and different."

Shellie says: "She’s good with women as well; she makes women look beautiful, which is really good."

The girls, dressed in matching outfits , and just tease and annoy each other in the video.

Karen says: "The whole thing was, the song’s about getting on each other’s nerves and stopping the fighting and all that kind of stuff, and we just dressed up like our mum used to dress us, in little yellow dresses and ankle socks, you know."

Shellie: "It was like the tea party that you’d have to go to with your sister and sit next to her, and you’d start pinching each other."

Another great matching picture sleeve for the video.

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