Pretender Got My Heart

Pretender Got My Heart 3.31

Director: Sophie Muller
Production Company: The Oil Factory
Date:16 July 2000

The second and final single to be taken from the girls' final Mercury album "The House We Built".

Love and deception are the themes of Alisha's Attic's video for "Pretender." Shot in Spain in the style of a 1950's Sophia Loren film, Shellie and Karen Poole both take up with the same man.

Director Sophie Muller has become adept at directing music videos, channeling her skills into early projects such as the Eurythmics' "I Need A Man." Since then, Sophie has not looked back, winning a Grammy for Annie Lennox's "Diva" longform and an MTV award for "Why," and the Brit Award and Music Week Award for Shakespear's Sister's "Stay."

The sisters both fall in love with the same man.

They both eventually come to realise this, and fighting ensues.

Presumably Shellie emerges as the winner of the fight, as she's the one striding purposefully to the man at the end of the video.

However, his duplicity is not rewarded as Shellie stalks past him with a confident little smile, leaving the "Pretender" alone to consider his fate.

Now that, ladies, is justice!

Super movie-style slipcase for the video this time! It goes perfectly with the movie-esque feel of the video (which was shot at the same time as the "Push It All Aside" video). They both have a great Franco Fellini feel to them.

I'd love to find out who the actor who played the traitorous lover in this video is, so if you know, please email me!

This video and the video for "Push It All Aside" were both released as multimedia tracks on the CD singles for these releases, which makes them the only Aa videos available to buy.

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