Barbarella 3.32

Director: James Griffiths
Producer: Becky Whitney
Production Company: Rogue Films
Date: 4 March 1999

This is the third and final single from the girls' second studio album, Illumina.

The video was filmed in Greenwich, South London in the Admirals' House at the Royal Naval College.

There were rain machines and gale force winds and about 14 very wet dancers!

Shellie apparently got absolutely soaked and yet Karen seemed dry - guess that was Shell's fault for letting Karen hold the brolly!

Apparently the girls wanted it to look like a cross between Gatica and Singing in the Rain.

Terry Martin, who visited the set that day to take "making of the video" photos got soaked by the rain machine when trying to get close ups!

But because of the weather conditions another day’s shoot was necessary for the close up so they sensibly went inside for that!

Karen was suffering from the 'flu (so the filming conditions couldn't have been helping!) so she could hardly talk, but she still carried on like a trouper.

The photo on the right shows the girls with Fernando, their hairdresser for the shoot and Tess from the video department at Mercury.

And on the left, yet another of those uber-cool video picture sleeves.

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