Air We Breathe

Air We Breathe

No production credits available, but there are two different versions of this video available. One is longer than the other, and features the girls outside riding an elephant. The elephant scenes are omitted from the shorter version.

This is the fourth single to be taken from the girls' debut album "Alisha Rules The World". The song was completely remixed from the album version.

The video for this single was filmed in Spain, just outside Madrid. It’s set in Bohemian Ethnic style and involves a long journey by elephant (Shell riding, Karen leading) to a castle through poppy fields and up hills.

The weather was not on their side and apparently was cold and rainy so the blue skies may have to be painted in post-production!

As you can see from these scenes from the video, either the weather cleared up sufficiently or the sky was indeed given a photoshop makeover!

The elephant was called Dumbar and bonded with the girls by wiping off their makeup with his trunk, so Debby - their make-up lady - was continuously touching-up smears! Apparently he stood 13 ft tall and Shell says it was hardly elegant getting on and off and most of the out-takes will be Shell with a look of utter horror on her face!

There was also an orangutang called Mario who travelled with the elephant. He wasn’t in the video but spent time off walking hand in hand with the girls to check out the video shoot.

When he had to leave he apparently blew a raspberry and tried to drag Shellie into his hut. Maybe he though she was part of his family as she was sporting her new tangerine coloured hair!

Shellie says: "yeah, the elephant in the video ... er, we had to side-straddle that lovely elephant and it was fantastic - there's just looks of horror through the whole video - we're just like 'huh' - with these really wicked smiles on".

Shellie's beautiful "bhindi" is very apparent in this video. She says:

"I had a lot of Indian friends at school and their mums used to wear these beautiful bindis on their foreheads, and I said, I want one of them. Now I wear different ones for different moods. As a kid, I did a big tattoo on my bum with henna!"

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