Alisha Rules The World

Alisha Rules The World 5 mins approx

Director: John Hillcoat
Date: 1996

The second single to be taken from the girls' debut album "Alisha Rules The World", directed by John Hillcoat (Depeche Mode, Nick Cave).

The girls say of this video:

"We just made up this character for this song "Alisha Rules The World"; half devil, half angel, very extreme woman who looks really pretty, and you'd think she wouldn't hurt anybody, but actually she's using that to manipulate the people in the song".

The video shows a sedate dinner party, and Alisha the "dangel" mercilessly taunts the guests and tries to disrupt the occasion as best she can!

Alisha's wacky antics include flicking food at the guests, dousing them with wine, and swinging from a chandelier!

All done with a sweet smile which belies the devilish behaviour, of course ....

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of information regarding the filming of this video, since the promo tape doesn't contain the usual production credits and the fan club magazines didn't start coming out until "Indestructible" was a single.

I did discover recently that it was directed by John Hillcoat, who is now a member of the Oil Factory stable but I can't confirm that was the production company he was working for at the time this promo was made.

If anyone has any further info, please email with your 0.02c!

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