Bad Hair Days

Shellie knows what a bad hair day is like only too well! Here's one example:

"To re-do my red streaks, the hairdresser had to bleach the strands before putting new colour in," she said. "Unfortunately, as he was blowdrying it all the hair started falling out onto the other customers' laps! It was a horrific situation! He couldn't stop apologising but I just said cut it short! I prefer it like this actually."

Newly-cropped Shellie prefers her shorter hairstyle, she says "I only wash it once a fortnight now," she beams. "It's so short it doesn't get smelly." Well, I'll take her word for it!

Karen once revealed:

"We went out shopping once and Shel was in the middle of dyeing her hair! I wrapped some tinfoil over her head and pulled a woolly hat over the top. We had no make-up on and we looked shocking! Luckily no one came up to us - they were probably too scared!"

Shellie's hair was actually in its natural state from then, I think. All the Illumina era releases showed her with short hair, and whilst she sported a longer style in the "House We Built" singles, I'm fairly sure that's her natural colour. Shoulder length is the perfect look for her.

She's now sporting a blonde look for her new solo career. Here's a little montage of Shellie and her hair of many colours!

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