Music Live '97, Manchester University
26 May 1997

A full live gig during which the girls played a set for one hour, part of the concert was broadcast live on Radio 1. Unfortunately the configuration of the stage and the fact that you're right in front of it makes decent photography rather hard if you're in the front row! These are the best of the ones I took, as there was a rather high occurrence of "nostril shots" if you see what I mean! Click on the film strip for a full size version.

All photographs © Caroline Griffith 1997

Songs played:

Alisha Rules The World
Air & Angels (preview of 2nd album track)
White Room
Dare U To Kill Me (another 2nd album preview)
I Am, I Feel

(All the above tracks were broadcast live on the Radio, then they cut the feed to switch to another Manchester University gig, I think it was Monaco ... so the rest of the songs listed below went unrecorded).

Hippy Chick (really cool cover of the SoHo track)
Dive In (another 2nd album preview)
Won't Miss You
Adore U
Scared Like Me (encore, final 2nd album preview)

Best of all, we got to meet and chat with the girls afterwards, and get signed stuff and photos ... they really are incredibly nice people.

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