Dingwalls, Camden
4 August 1988

The Dingwalls gig was the only full set the girls played when promoting the "Illumina" album, as sadly the rest of the promotional tour was postponed and subsequently cancelled (apart from various Roadshow appearances). The following photos were all taken at the gig. Click on the film strip for a full size photo.

All photographs © Caroline Griffith 1998

Songs played:

Me and The Dolphins
Air and Angels
Dive In
Lay Low
The Incidentals
I Am, I Feel
Going Down *
Are You Jealous?
The White Room

* announced as the second single, which didn't happen as Wish I Were You was chosen instead

A truly great set, even if it did have an indifferent warm up act in the form of Hillman Minx. The recorded version of Me and the Dolphins was played, and toward the end of it the girls came out on stage. Mike, Gemma and I had made the four plus hour drive down from Bolton earlier in the day, and we met up with fellow fanattics including fan club site webmaster Simon Wilson and we made sure that as a block we took up front stage position! Given the late hour the show finished, (and that we had another four-ish hour drive ahead of us), we only had a little time to schmooze with the girls and record industry types before leaving, but it was a great gig - and sadly the last time I ever saw them live as I moved to the USA the following year.

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