Hello and welcome to my Alisha's Attic fan site.

I'm Caroline Griffith and this site has been here for a couple of years now, and a lot of the other sites I used to link to have now disappeared, but there's still plenty out there.

For all the up to date news on Alisha's Attic, I recommend you visit Simon Wilson's Official Aa site at www.alishasatticofficial.com. I also maintain a latest news page - check there also. Simon's message board is also a hot spot for the latest gossip, and Karen drops in there on a regular basis! For other Aa sites on the web, please visit my links page.

I became a fan of the girls back in 1996 when their first single "I Am, I Feel" came out, and I've been lucky enough to see them in concert at least a half dozen times when I still lived in England. I met the girls on numerous occasions after their concerts, they are the friendliest people you could imagine, and they are delighted to meet their fans and hear how their music has influenced their lives.

I now live in the USA, but thanks to internet retailers I was able to keep up with their latest releases. If you live outside the UK and are interested in collecting back catalogue Aa releases, then I recommend either Esprit or check out eBay where many older CDs turn up at very reasonable prices. Amazon also carry import albums and singles.


Last update: November 28, 2004.

By popular demand ... now some rare and hard to find Alisha's Attic tracks are now available for you to download in the brand-new Jukebox page. Obscure Japanese album extras, rare b-sides, and the never-before-released Karmically Close EP. Hop on over and take a listen! I also take requests for songs for this page, so if there's an obscure Aa track you haven't heard, please email me to request its addition to the jukebox.

Also did a general site overheaul with all new frontpage graphics, new section page graphics, and hopefully a better breakdown of information which should make the site easier to navigate. If you run into any problems, please let me know.


Spectrum Records, a budget line division of Universal, Mercury Records' parent company, have issued a "Greatest Hits" CD titled "The Collection" featuring all nine of Aa's singles and a selection of album tracks and b-sides. This release has created a little controversy, some thinking it's a good thing and others thinking it's a huge rip off. The disc came out April 7, 2003.

Who's side am I on? Click here to go to the discography section and find out. Full tracklisting given in the discography along with the cover art (re-used, not new).

Apparently, this release was news to the girls. Upon hearing of it, Karen said: "Just read the few posts (on the message board) about the new Alishas Attic collection. Sounds a bit of a weird choice of songs ... whats the front cover picture like?" If anything illustrates the lack of artist input into this project, this does.

Whilst you're here, why not take a look at our sister site A Slice Of Peach? The classy '90s pop band is archived in this comprehensive site. Also featured in the Inspiracy© group of music websites are girl rockers Scarlet (Moonstruck), indie guitar band Rialto (Deep Space) and the glorious orchestral pop combo My Life Story (Checkmate). And of course don't forget our own Shelly solo site, Sands of the Sea. Be sure to pay a visit!

If anyone has any comments on this site, or any questions, please feel free to email me. Thanks for your visit and enjoy the site, and please sign our guestbook/message board on your way out, your comments are always appreciated.

November 28, 2004

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