Shelly is about to launch her solo debut album on August 15th, 2005 on the Transistor Project label (Transistor Project is a new digital development label that has been set up as a partnership between Outside Line, Jim Beach (Queen's Manager) and Dave Rowntree (Blur). The album's entitled Hard Time for the Dreamer. Keep eyes your eyes open for an iTunes download too!

The first single, called Totally Underwater, was written by Shelly and produced by Shelly and Paul Statham. It has a good summer feel so they changed their minds from the title track, which will probably be the second single.

She has been working hard, recording material for her debut album. Several tracklistings have been selected and then discarded. For more information, Angeleyes also has it's own Shelly solo site! To read her official bio, see a list of songs she's working on, download some live performances, see lots of cool pics and to get all the latest news, make sure you pay us a visit - click here!

She has also launchedher own official solo website Check it out for details of all live performances and to read more about the making of the album.

Following in her sister Karen's footsteps, writing became the main job for Shelly for the last six months (she has songs coming out this year with Rachel Stevens, Jamelia, Micheal Gray, Liz McLarnon and Jill Jackson from Speedway to name just a few). However, now the album is finished, the writing is taking a back seat and getting out on the road and playing the new stuff is the most important thing.

Shelly's main collaborator on her new album has been musician and songwriter Paul Statham, ex-Peach and Peter Murphy collaborator. As you probably know, I maintain a Peach site along with this one - it's a small world after all!

Other gigs she's played recently are the Cobden Club and the Bedford Theatre. Also, she recently played a short acoustic set on LBC Radio. Click here to hear the two songs she played from her new album! More song downloads available on Totally Underwater too.

Lots of lovely new pics up on her official site too. Check out there and also our sister site, Totally Underwater.

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