Whilst Shelly has been busy establishing her new material, Karen has been globetrotting, making new songwriting alliances with some of the current big names in pop.

Karen recently signed a publishing deal with Universal/Murlyn Music and is now managed by Native - part of 19 Management (Spice Girls, S Club) and she is really looking forward to exciting times. Click here to visit Karen's page at Native Management.

The next item I have to report is both Karen AND Shelly news ... you may have read here before that Karen was doing some songwriting with Janet Jackson. Sadly, their collaboration didn't make the final cut. However ... a song that Shelly co-wrote DID! Look out for "Slolove" on Janet's new album "Damita Jo".

In one of her frequent postings on the official message board, she confirmed that she has no interest in returning to the music scene as an artist:

"I am truly happy. I don't crave the artist thing right now". And her songwriting career is taking off like a rocket. Below is an up-to-date list of all the songs Karen has co-written (list current up to June 17, 2004). A big thank you to Aa fan Andrew Stewart for compiling this list (and keeping it updated) and giving me permission to use it here.

Alex Parks - working on new material (not released)

Amy Studt - "Under the Thumb" (single taken from album "False Smiles"), "Misfit" (single taken from album "False Smiles"), "Ladder In My Tights" (album track from "False Smiles"), "Like the Breaze" (bside from "All I Wanna Do")

Annie Lennox - working on new material (not released)

Atomic Kitten - "Nothing In The World" (album track from "Ladies Night")

Dannii Minogue - "Put The Needle On It" (single), "Creep" and "For the Record" (album track from "Neon Nights")

Denise Van Outen - working on new material (not yet released)

Girls Aloud - "On A Round" (bside from "No Good Advice")

Holly Valance - "Whoop" (album track from "Footprints")

Jamelia - "Taxi" (album track from "Thank You") and "Infectious" (not released)

Kelly Clarkson & Justin Guarini (a.k.a. American idol) - "Timeless" (album track from "Justin Guarini")

Kylie Minogue - "Red Blooded Woman" (single taken from album "Body Language"), "Sweet Music" (bside from "Slow" and album track from "Body Language"), "Chocolate" (single taken from "Body Language"), "Cruise Control" (bside from "Red Blooded Woman" including rap from Sean Paul and American album track from "Body Language" excluding rap), "Almost a Lover" (bside from "Red Blooded Woman")

Lene Nystrom "It's Your Duty"(European single taken from "Play With Me"), "Virgin Superstar", "Play With Me" and "Bad Coffee Day" (album track from "Play With Me")

Michelle McManus (Pop Idol 2) - "The Meaning Of Love" (single taken from album of the same name)

Samantha Mumba - "Branded With A Kiss" and "Wet & Wild" (from second album, never released as she was dropped by her record label)

Shapeshifters - "Lola's Theme" (forthcoming single)

Rachel Stevens - "Fools" (album track from "Funky Dory")

Speed Way - "Overdrive" and "Talk To Me" (album tracks from "Save Yourself")

S Club 8 - "Sloop Upside" (bside from "Don't Tell Me You're Sorry")

Sugababes - "Caught In A Moment" (album track from "Three" and next single TBC) "Conversations Over" and "Buster" (album tracks from "Three")

Will Young - "Stronger" (album track from "Friday's Child") and has been working on new material which might feature on b-side of "Friday's Child" single

Janet Jackson - "Put Your Hands On" (b-side from "All Nite (Don't Stop)" and Japanese album track from "Damita Jo"

A pretty impressive list! I will keep it as up to date as I can. Thanks again Andrew!

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