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The following four pairs of singles were all taken from the girls' debut album Alisha Rules The World.

I Am, I Feel CD1


I Am, I Feel 4.00
Angel Eyes (live at the Corbin Hall) 1.46
White Room (live at the Corbin Hall) 4.00
I Am, I Feel (dark disco mix) 8.13

Slimline jewel case with cartoon insert.

I Am, I Feel CD2


I Am, I Feel 4.00
Daffodil or a Diamond (live at Corbin Hall) 3.56
I Am, I Feel (junior vasquez urban mix) 5.55
I Am, I Feel (junior vasquez urban beats) 7.46

Digipak sleeve, this CD is the hardest to find out of the pair. Worth hunting down though, it's the only CD "Daffodil or a Diamond" is available on.

Alisha Rules The World CD1


Alisha Rules The World 4.32
White Room (live on C4) 3.56
Alisha Rules The World (sex & love mix) 6.31
Drunken and Tearful 3.27

Slimline jewel case.

Alisha Rules The World CD2


Alisha Rules The World 4.32
God Lives There 3.00
Alisha Rules The World (network nut dub) 6.50
Alisha Rules The World (mirror ball mix) 8.10

Digipak, again the harder to find of the pair. Unless you're a big fan of dance remixes though don't knock yourself out looking for it - the remixes bear little resemblance to the original!

Indestructible CD1


Indestructible 3.39
Army of Fools 4.02
Sweet Escape 3.51
White Room (shagsonic remix) 8.08

Slimline jewel case with cartoon insert. Great b-sides, not available anywhere else. Cover shot available as a poster in CD2.

Indestructible CD2


Indestructible 3.39
Indestructible (shagsonic remix) 7.11
Indestructible (shagsonic dub) 7.01
Indestructible (mekon barely breaking even mix) 3.46
Indestructible (mekon breaking even remix) 4.28
Indestructible (skylab remix) 7.09

Limited Edition Digipak with bonus double sided poster.

Air We Breathe CD1


Air We Breathe (new version) 5.12
I Am, I Feel 4.02
Inevitable 3.28
Bitter Lemon 4.03

Slimline jewel case with cartoon insert. Great b-sides, not available anywhere else.

Air We Breathe CD2


Air We Breathe (new version) 5.08
I Am, I Feel (acoustic version) 3.18
Air We Breathe (Talvin Singh dub mix) 6.58
Air We Breathe (synth string version) 5.07

Limited Edition Digipak with bonus double sided poster with full length shot of the girls (wearing the dresses on the sleeve) on one side, and Alisha on the other.

The following three pairs of singles were taken from the second album "Illumina".

The Incidentals CD1


The Incidentals 3.09
The Pulse 3.44
Valentine's '98

Slimline jewel case.

The shorter tracklisting of this and future CD singles was due to the BPI regulating the number of audio tracks allowed on a CD single to three.

The Incidentals CD2


The Incidentals 3.09
Lay Low 2.50
Not My Muse 3.32

Limited edition in album style jewel box with free fold out poster. Poster is a variant of the cover shot.

"Not My Muse" is one of their best songs, in my opinion, and well worth hunting down this CD for.

Wish I Were You CD1


Wish I Were You (edit)
Late Again
Little Shotgun

Slimline jewel case (as all their future singles are, no more nice digipaks with free posters or cartoons ...)

Hilariously some dealers list this single as "Wish You Were Here"!

Wish I Were You CD2


Wish I Were You (edit)
Never Enough
Dare You To Kill Me

One of their best songs, "Dare You To Kill Me" in acoustic format. Sadly, they only ever performed the full "heavy metal" version live in concert. This is a great song, I'd like to see it released in its original form.

Barbarella CD1


Barbarella (LP version)3.59
Affected By You Not 2.36
Breathe In 2.29

Couple of nice quirky little b-sides make this CD worth hunting for. The photo shoot for the cover took place in their make-up artist Debbie's flat!

Barbarella CD2


Barbarella (radio version)3.40
Strange 2.11
5 Big Letters 4.05

This single was originally titled "Out of the 90s" before the girls received permission to use the name "Barbarella".

These remaining singles were taken from their final album on the Mercury label, The House We Built.

Push It All Aside CD1


Push It All Aside
Wonderful You
On The B-Side

Bonus track on this disc: the video for Push It All Aside, directed by Sophie Muller. Nifty multimedia section also includes snippets of songs from the album, lyrics and a nice photo gallery.

Push It All Aside CD2


Push It All Aside
I Am, I Feel
The Incidentals

So, unless you're a big time fan, no incentive to buy this CD since it contains no new material and no bonus video. Maybe they should have put the new material on one CD and the bonus video on the other to increase sales!

Pretender Got My Heart CD1


Pretender Got My Heart
Indestructible (live and acoustic from the Kashmir Klub)

Bonus track on this disc: the video for Pretender, directed by Sophie Muller. Multimedia section also includes a small photo gallery.

Pretender Got My Heart


Pretender Got My Heart (Boilerhouse Boys remix)
If You Want Me Back ( live and acoustic from the Kashmir Klub)
Too Many Hellos and Goodbyes

Better effort than PIAA CD2, since it contains a remix, new material and a live track. The b-sides make the CD worth having.

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