The Attic Vaults 1

In August 2001 the girls announced that their relationship with Mercury Records had come to an end. However, they still had a lot of unreleased material that their fans were clamouring to hear, so they undertook the still unusual step of producing an album themselves to bring the "new" songs to their fans. Featuring songs that were recorded and ultimately discarded from previous albums, this proved to be a treasure trove and demonstrated the girls' considerable skill as producers of their own material.


Taken Back
Don't Let Love Bring You Down
The Last Letter
Too Far Forgotten
Real Love
When U Coming Home?
Impossible Dreamer
Stay Will U Stay
She's A Heroine

This album is not available in any record stores; it was produced, financed and distibuted by the girls and is ONLY available via the Fan Club. See the Fan Club page for details on how to purchase.

A second compilation is "pending" in the works. Fans have been waiting for The Attic Vaults 2 for so long that we're in danger of losing faith, but Karen has promised that we will have it eventually in some form or another. It's looking unlikely however that it will appear as a manufactured CD like Vaults 1.

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