The following CDs are compilations which feature exclusive Aa tracks not released on their previous albums.


PolyGram 5530302

This 1996 album was for the benefit of the charity Childline. It features cover versions of well known songs performed by contemporary artists.

Artists featured include Ash, Suede, Pulp, Bjork, East 17, Paul Weller, Mansun and Boyzone.

"It's just really awkward for two girls.. what song do you do?"

"We decided to do Still Life by Suede, and although not many people would expect you to do a Suede cover, it's all about the music at the end of the day.

"It sounds really great, we're really proud of it... and Brett likes it!!" they say.

Both are passionate about the issues Childline deals with. “We’ve read loads of stuff about Childline, and when the album was mentioned, we literally begged to be on it”, says Karen. “When you find out more about Childline, you realise how brilliant it is, but it needs more phonelines and cash. I feel really lucky that me and Shellie had such an easy and pleasureable upbringing.

"Friends of ours went through hell, though - from bullying to child abuse and eating disorders. It’s often the smaller things that can cause the bigger problems. Quite often you don’t feel you can talk to a teacher or a friend, because they may laugh at how insignificant your problem is. That’s why so many phonelines are needed."

"I can remember having problems at school - not being able to speak to anyone about them makes you feel alone and very isolated.” Shellie adds “The most important thing is that you, out there, can go out and spend your money on the album which is a brilliant musical package and helps the charity, too. We didn’t want to record an obvious cover like a famous ‘60s song. We like Suede and wanted to do something special. It’s for a special cause, after all”.

The girls' contribution was a superb cover of "Still Life", and this album is the only place you will be able to find this track, so if you want it, buy this album.

Bean - The Album

Mercury 314 553 774 2

Soundtrack for the motion picture starring Rowan Atkinson, this 1997 compilation featured songs by artists such as Boyzone, The Beach Boys, Louise, Susanna Hoffs and 10cc.

Alisha's Attic recorded a cover version of the Crystals' "He's a Rebel" for this album.

Until the release of the Japan-only "Japanese Dream" mini-album, this was the only place you could find this track. However it's available on both, so if you're looking for this track you have a choice of CDs to purchase.

The cover shown above is the American version, the UK release featured a different sleeve.

Other compilations

Alisha's Attic tracks have appeared on a number of compilation albums, but apart from the two mentioned above none feature any exclusive tracks. The other compilations include Bridget Jones' Diary, Wicked Women, Now That's What I Call Music (36 & 41), and The Best Girl Power Album ...Ever! However the tracks featured are simply the single versions of the songs, so no need to hunt these down unless you're a total completist!

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