Miscellaneous CDs

Stray singles that don't fit in anywhere else.

I Am, I Feel

578 343-2

I Am, I Feel 4.00
Angeleyes (live @ the Corbin Hall) 1.45
White Room (live @ the Corbin Hall) 4.00
I Am, I Feel (Dark Disco Mix) 8.13

Australian release in cardsleeve. "Bonus" mentioned on the cover is simply one of the Aa cartoons.

The "explicit language" warning refers to the lyrics in Angeleyes - "the F****** B**** is making you blind".

Alisha Rules The World

578 743-2

Alisha Rules The World 4.32
Drunken and Tearful 3.27
God Lives There 3.00
White Room (live) 3.56

Australian release in cardsleeve.

I can't remember why this one has an "explicit language" warning however!

Alisha Rules The World

574 545-2

Alisha Rules The World
Alisha Rules The World (Sex & Love Mix)
Alisha Rules The World (Network Nut Dub)
Alisha Rules The World (Mirror Ball Mix)
I Am, I Feel

Australian release in cardsleeve.

Great cover, very different from either of the UK CD singles for this release.

Air We Breathe

574 670-2

Air We Breathe (New Version) 5.09
Air We Breathe (Talvin Singh Mix) 5.41

European release in cardsleeve.

The Incidentals

CDP 209

The Incidentals 3.09

One track cardsleeve promo - Mexican this time! Nice picture sleeve from the Illumina era that wasn't used elsewhere. Nice collectible.

The Incidentals

566 260-2

The Incidentals 3.09
Lay Low 2.50

No clue as to what the country of origin of this CD is. In cardsleeve, only the two tracks. Probably another European version like the AWB release.

Wish I Were You

566 869-2

Wish I Were You (edit)
Never Enough
Dare You To Kill Me
Little Shotgun

I think this is another Euro CD. Instead of the UK 2-CD set, this came out as a single CD featuring 3 b-sides - the track "Late Again" which is a UK b-side was dropped from this release.

I'm aware of these odd variants happening - someone wrote me a while back making me aware of a similar b-side switch on an Incidentals CD

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