Japanese Singles

I Am, I Feel


I Am, I Feel 4.00
Daffodil or a Diamond (live at the Corbin Hall) 3.36
I Am, I Feel (junior vasquez urban mix) 6.55
I Am, I Feel (junior vasquez urban beats) 7.46

Album style jewel case with obi strip.

Alisha Rules The World


Alisha Rules The World 4.32
God Lives There 3.00
Alisha Rules The World (network nut dub) 6.50
Alisha Rules The World (mirror ball mix) 8.10

Album style jewel case with obi strip.

Air We Breathe


Air We Breathe (new version) 5.09
I Am, I Feel (acoustic version) 3.19
Inevitable 3.27
Air We Breathe (talvin singh mix) 5.41

Album style jewel case with obi strip. The Talvin Singh mix is not available on any other CD.

The Incidentals


The Incidentals
The Pulse
Valentines '98
Not My Muse

Slimline jewel case with obi strip. Another 2 CD singles into one ... in this case "Lay Low" is the b-side that gets dropped. (Probably because it's the only track available on the album).

The Incidentals


The Incidentals 3.13

One track promo single in slimline jewel case, no artwork, just stickered.

I don't know if the track differs from the commercial release as this copy is still sealed! The track timing on the Japanese and UK releases say 3.09 ... so do we have an extra four seconds of song or silence? If you know, let me know!

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